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Helena Meyer’s Ayurvedic Recommendations for Summer
General Guidelines for Balancing Pitta (Fire) Element

Ayurveda recognizes major changes during each season in the physiology, as well as the psychology. We can harmonize these influences by implementing specific routines, as well as  diet. You will find general  guidelines to balance the elements in each season. There is also a consideration  of your specific body type. To determine your specific body type and for more detailed and personalized guidelines, please contact Sensorielle for a private consultation with Helena Meyer.

Pitta is predominant during summertime when weather is hot.  Pitta (fire) governs the circulatory system, mainly the enzymes and hormones. It is responsible for digestion, pigmentation, hunger, thirst, sight etc.Physical symptoms of excess pitta are: excessive hunger and thirst, burning sensations in the skin, eyes or hands. Hypersensitivity may develop in the form of allergic rashes or fever. Psychological factors of anger, rage, hatred and jealousy may increase. There are 40 kinds of possible disturbances in the body due to loss of equilibrium of the Pitta element.

In order to balance Pitta one should follow these  recommendations:

1. Lifestyle recommendation for balancing Pitta is to avoid heating up both physically and  emotionally. This means:
Avoid being in the heat during summertime, including taking hot baths.
Avoid exercising when it’s hot.
Do not work late at night.
Avoid jobs near furnaces, fire or smoke
Avoid emotionally “hot” situations – situations that bring anger up in you.
Avoid time pressure.  Avoid  heavy exercising at any time – moderate exercise will help balance pitta.
Protect yourself from sun, heat and bright lights.
Be with happy people.  Avoid “sour” company. Unhappy people raise acidity in us.  Happiness and love alkalize our body.

2. Do not skip meals. Do not fast. Eat around noon. Do not wait to eat until you are very hungry. Delaying meals can cause excess acidity, so eat on time every day. Start your day with cooked sweet  fruit, followed by cereal that contains  no sugar. Eat a sustaining meal at lunchtime, and a lighter meal for dinner. For  snacking, choose sweet juicy fruit–fully ripe mangoes.  Sweet pears and sweet juicy grapes are excellent. Avoid using pickles, vinegar, chilies, ketchup, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

3. The Helena Meyer Pitta Body Oil cools pitta and soothes emotions. Our Digestion Aroma blend helps enhance digestion without aggravating Pitta dosha. It also helps balance stomach acid.  Oils can be purchased through Sensorielle.

4. Stay cool in warm weather by wearing loose light colored cotton clothing. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes when you go out. Drink lots of room-temperature water.

5. Balance work and play. Play in water since this will hydrate the body, skin and emotions.

6. To soothe sensitive skin, balance the emotions and to nourish the skin and nerves, treat yourself to an ayurvedic massage in our spa in our spa. Also, every morning before you bathe or shower, use our Pitta Body Oil. You will feel cool and nourished inside and out. Spray your skin with our 100% organic Damask Rose Toner. This will protect your skin from dehydration, as well as cool it. Rose nourishes the heart and regenerates and soothes the skin. Our Pitta Skin Care regime is cooling, soothing  and hydrating, and it is perfect for you in the hot pitta season.

7. If  Pitta dosha is out of balance, you may find that you can fall asleep without much trouble, but you wake up in the very early hours and find it difficult to get back to sleep. It is important to get to bed early, so that you can get adequate rest each night. It is important to get to bed before 10 PM in order to allow adrenals to restore. An old ayurvedic “sleeping pill” is a cup of warm milk with some cardamom before bedtime.

9. It is important to allow the active pitta intellect to find deep rest in meditation each day. This will help balance the heart and emotions and strengthen the mind.


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