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Happy July and thank you for subscribing!

This year has been a beautiful year of transformation.  I trust that each of you is experiencing 2012 to the fullest.  Although summer is in full force, we are enjoying the cooler days this week.  We invite you to come in to Sensorielle and experience one of our many offerings to care for your skin after long days in the sun or relax your body after busy days at work.  I hope you will enjoy this newsletter offering up skincare tips for July, specials on treatments, packages and gifts, and reintroducing Susan Bratus with her insightful Crystal Corner article, learning about Lapis Lazuli this time.  I would love to see some of you at Beverlee’s inspiring workshops in Longmont this month, outlined later in this newsletter.

I wish you a prosperous and peaceful summer.

Jewl Petteway
Owner, Sensorielle


Easy Skin Care Tips 
Oh How I love Coconut Oil for My Skin!!!  July 2012

I have been cooking with coconut oil for the last 3 months and my doggies and I are feeling much better. They have more energy and their coat is softer, and my skin is more hydrated.  I’m not sure if coconut oil did it so I looked up the ingredients in coconut oil and was amazed at what it does for us!  

Coconut oils have Medium Chain Fatty Acids of Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Capric Acid. All of the these exhibit antiviral, antimicrobial,antiprotozoal and anti fungal properties. Helping to destroy fungus, bacteria and viruses!

Nutritionists, natural doctors etc. use these medium chains of fatty acids to help clear up candida (Caprylic acid and diet); herpes, measles, influenza, hepatic C, blood pressure, diabetes and even HIV (Lauric acid). Of course check with your health care provider about this.

Did you know that during World War II, coconut water was used as an emergency short-term intravenous hydration fluid because it has high levels of sugar and salts. My dogs and I love about a tablespoon of coconut oil instead of olive oil or butter to scramble eggs and to stir fry shrimps or chicken. We also love the flavor. I salute Eminence Skin Products for their Coconut Moisturizer for face and body. Of course they have added other ingredients in the coconut oil to fight wrinkles and anti aging (their natural retinol complex and green apple stem cells). It is amazing how these natural and organic plants, fruits, nuts, and herbs help us on all levels. I’ve heard coconut oil can’t be “patented ” since it’s a fruit and nut, and not many companies are interested in this. Most companies want to produce a “chemical”, to own this patent and make more money. Greed, greed! The more I learn more about Eminence the more I appreciate them…staying close to nature and how nature in its” raw ” form is more beneficial to our largest organ, our skin. Thank you also to other natural companies using all of the coconut…oil, juice, meat for our good health. So everyone buy a coconut and enjoy it all in it’s natural form and support natural skin care lines.

BeeGee Stivers, Esthetician
Check out BeeGee’s blog

Get out of the way toxic chemicals and allow nature’s best food supply heal and nurture us. Sending love to your healthy skin and love and appreciation to the coconut, Beegee Stivers Licensed esthetician Say no to GMO. Demand labeling of this at least in USA if we can’t stop this. See Bitter Seed! Go Organic….the price will go down if we all do this.

Complimentary brow or lip wax with any 60 minute facial ($32 value!)


The Crystal Corner with Susan Bratus 
Lapis Lazuli – bearer of truth & light

Lapis is highly prized by the ancients as well as one of the most widely used stones by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The golden particles in the stone represented the stars in the night sky, which are actually inclusions of pyrite – the white particles are inclusions of calcite. The blue of lapis varies from a deep blue to a lovely shade of royal blue and must be chosen carefully so as not to obtain specimens that have been dyed. Lapis is truly a lovely gem to work with when you are dealing with the inner truth of divine nature. And now I bring you its message:

Mentally: With love and support I will open the channels so that light will flow into the darkest corners to awaken the intuitive mind.

Emotionally: You have only to ask me to help you with past traumas, repressed memories, and emotional wounds so that you will become free of the surrounding illusions in order to express healthy emotions.

Spiritually: I am the bridge to the Higher Self – the truth to set you free – do not fear this as an obstacle. If you are ready to look at your dark side, you can transform that darkness into the brightest light and beyond.

Physically: Your anxiety and stress build-up need not penetrate to all areas of your body to create blockages that would impede the flow of light. I will awaken you to new heights if only you will allow me, with the beauty of love, to grant the mental strength to support self-healing.

Lapis Lazuli belongs to the Cubic Alliance – one of the eight alliances that can influence the personality. I have created my Crystal Spirit Reading based on this material and the studies surrounding sacred geometry. I offer these readings at reasonable rates as well as on-going workshops.

For information regarding all my services, visit my website at:  www.crystalspiritconnection.abmp.com or call 303.926.1142 to schedule a reading

Susan Bratus, Certified Practitioner
With Light & Love


Sole Purpose invites you to…

Awaken Your Life’s Purpose
with Beverlee Garb, M.P.A.

Join us for a 2 hour workshop in Longmont, CO in which you will learn the Six Fundamental Stages of Awakening your Life’s Purpose.


Beverlee Garb,
CEO/Founder of Sole Purpose Intl., uses a somatic(“body-centered”) approach to help you access your unique life purpose, as well as to clear the blockages which keep you from manifesting what you desire.

In this workshop you will learn:
*How unhealed issues from your past are keeping you from living true to your life purpose;
*How you can heal your past so that you can live more purpose-fully in your present;
*How to locate the unconscious beliefs which sabotage you in your relationships, career and health;
*How to know and manifest both your “inner” and “outer” purpose;
*How to align your life with who you are at your Core.

This workshop is experiential so come ready to learn, have fun and experience an awakening.

Tuesday, July 17th.
6:30 – 8:30 PM
@ Chabad Center
195 S. Main St. #4, Longmont, CO 80501
(dinner will be served).

Sunday, July 22nd.
10:30 AM – 12.30 PM
@6374 Niwot Road, Longmont CO 80503



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