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Rosacea: The Cause & Treatment
by Helena Meyer

Rosacea is a skin disorder due to the pitta and vata imbalance. Around this time of the year, rosacea acts up more often as the heat of the summer is settled deeply in our physiology, especially the liver. This causes the pitta (fire) dosha to get out of balance.
Vata body types have naturally weaker tissues- skin, muscle, nervous system, and blood vessels. If the vata dosha is out of balance, it will over time cause a weakness of the tissues in the body, including the capillaries.
The combination of the two will cause rosacea. Thus, the “butterfly” design of red vessels in the form of a red patch on the face. This is stage one of rosacea.

In time, the weak vessels break and the area gets infected. This results in pustules that look like acne but is technically not acne. This is the final and most severe stage as it is an infection of the tissue around the broken capillaries.

The treatment with our 100% organic Rosacea products is effective, safe and pleasant. All Rosacea products contain numerous soothing, healing  and cooling herbs. In addition, helicrysum is a powerful essential oil for tissue regeneration. Combined with German chamomile, it is the perfect therapeutic treatment for rosacea. We always recommend the 3 main products: Rosacea Cleanser, Toner nad Moisturizer. However, adding the Serum and Mask to the basic Rosacea skin care regime is very important to aggressively help treat this most difficult skin condition.

Helena Meyer

Rosacea Diet & Recommendations
Please note: Diet is extremely important in treating rosacea. Certain foods contain natural ingredients that aggravate rosacea, like histamines & tyramine.

*excessive heat or exposure to sun
*alcohol, incl. red wine & beer (as histamines found there aggravate rosacea)
*coffee, black tea
*stressful deadlines
*emotional aggravation
*excessive activity or overwork
*spicy, sour food
*refined sugars
*bananas, avocados, peppers, raisins, vanilla extract nuts
*refined carbohydrates
*hot foods
*skipping meals.  Do not skip meals.
*cold cuts, hot dogs, salami, liver
*niacin, large doses of vitamin B3
*strictly avoid:  mustard, ketchup, relishes, red meat, hot spices, chocolate, hard aged cheeses, white sugar, radish, onion, garlic, spinach, tomato – these foods are causing high acidity in the system as well as excessive heat.

Recommended Diet

These foods are especially recommended for treating rosacea.
Grains: white rice
Dairy: only organic non-homogenized milk products, making sure that there is no dairy allergy present (which often is the case in rosacea cases.) Avoid hard cheeses.
Sweeteners: birch sugar (please note: no US made xylitol since all are GMO. The only excellent brand comes from Finland p birch sugar. It is recommended even for diabetics.)
Oils: olive & sunflower oil
Fruit: sweet fruits, grapes, cherries, peaches, melons, coconut, sweet pineapple, sweet plums, mango, fresh figs, sweet berries.
Vegetables: excellent choices: asparagus, pumpkin, cucumber, celery, zucchini.
Spices: coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, small quantity of black pepper.
If not vegetarian:  organic chicken, turkey, egg whites.
Vitamins: important! Natural Vitamin C with bioflavanoids, small dosage of riboflavin (B2).


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