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Autumn is coming.  Soon the leaves will change color and bless Boulder with a beautifully painted landscape.  We warmly anticipate the beauty of this season, and encourage you also to take time out and rejuvenate. 

With school now in-session, we invite you to come in and experience our Steamy Wonder steam tent add-on.  The steam detoxifies and relaxes you, taking care of those lovely bugs your kids are surely already bringing home with them.  

Book a package or purchase any series now through September 30 for $25 off

A series normally offers up to 20% off our regular prices.  The additional $25 discount makes for incredible savings!  Series must be purchased through our front desk staff.  Call 303-247-9932.  Our online system does not allow for series purchases, however you can purchase over the phone with our friendly spa coordinators using a credit card, come see us at our One Boulder Plaza location, or book your package online at http://www.sensoriellespa.com. 

Please mention the code “SEPT12” when booking or purchasing to receive your discount.

cannot be combined with any other special


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