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I rarely ever pamper ever myself so getting a facial was a treat and something new.  For many years, I had struggled with acne and had tried everything—salicylic acid, benzoaic peroxide, antibiotics, retinol A, and almost every store brand that claimed to treat and prevent acne.  When I would purchase a product, I would rarely look at the ingredients and if I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients it didn’t make a difference in whether or not I purchased the product.

I had scheduled a facial at Sensorielle Spa and one of the first things that was brought to my attention was that my axle mantle had been stripped of my natural oils. In my desperation for clear skin, I had used too many harsh products simultaneously.   Theesthetician explained that when your axle mantle is chemically stripped of natural oil, acne is more likely to develop. She also explained that some moisturizers and chemicals can leave a “film” or leftover chemical debris (which can contribute to aging and/or have been linked to harmful side effects).

She explained that she was going to use an Ayurvedic based product line called Helena Meyers (made right here in Boulder!) Unlike products, I had used before, there was no burning sensation from the chemicals, there was not a “film”, and the products didn’t foam.

The products were made of  organic honey, milk, healing herbs and felt completely  nourishing.  After years of using harsh chemicals, this was exactly what my skin needed. Post facial, my skin felt amazing and full of moisture.  Since my facial, my interest in what goes into our beauty products has heightened, and/or I have been more aware of what I purchase and how certain products can influence one’s overall being and the environment.


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