Where Wellness Meets Bliss

Wellness Clinics

with Helena Meyer
Founder, Integrated Wellness Institute

Tuesday November 13 6-8 am
Sunday November 18, 9-11 am

$65 per session

Resonating with the Frequency of Health
This is a rare opportunity to experience better wellbeing in 8 to 16 minutes.
Please register early. Space is limited.  Don’t miss this opportunity!
A revolutionary approach to wellness- over 30 years of scientific research puts the Pulsed EM Therapy in forefront of holistic wellness approach.

RSVP required to jewl@sensoriellespa.com

Every course participant will receive a personalized wellness assessment with Helena Meyer, Ayurvedic Wellness Specialist, a 8-16 minute session with PEMF. You will also receive a holistic program for optimum wellness including diet, exercise, stress management and ayurvedic remedies recommendations.

EM Field Therapy in the forefront of Holistic Health Approach.
We are bombarded daily with high intensity electromagnetic smog generated by cell phones, computers, microwaves, smart meters, radar satellites all of which are harmful, artificial frequencies. Our cells become depleted and our ability to remain vital and to heal quickly is compromised. With PEMF, the 76 trillion cells in the human body are refreshed and levels of optimum cellular communication in all systems of the body are reached within 8 to 16 minutes.

Some of the many benefits of PEMF confirmed by studies:

Decreased Pain
Reduced Inflammation
Increased Range of Motion
Fast Healing of Wounds and Bones
Improved Neurological Functioning
Healing Acne
Increased Cell Metabolism thus Anti-Aging
Promotes Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Improves Insomnia
FDA approved for treating depression, pain from unsuccessful back surgery and wound and healing.
Endorsed by Dr. Werner Heisenberg, German Physicist and Nobel Prize
Winner as number one EM Technology in the world.
Approved by the German government for treatment of over 4,000 conditions.

Helena Meyer, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Helena Meyer, Ayurvedic Practitioner


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