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Wellness Resolutions For The New Year.

We all know that the typical New Years Resolutions last until about January 15 ( if we are lucky) before we can start finding excuses to put them aside. But this year Sensorielle challenges you to make YEAR-ROUND WELLNESS your resolution for ALL of 2011.







Make a point to love, nurture and be thankful for your health and continue to build a holistic wellness regime that allows you to improve your life without the guilt of the regular resolutions we all make (and break).

Start the year off a new outlook on life with Stefanie Pitthan-Garica’s Basic Meditation class beginning January 4th at Sensorielle.


Stefanie Pitthan-Garcia, Sensorielle Acupuncturist

Stefanie Pitthan began her study of meditation, clairvoyance and healing at the age of 15. Her training began with the Berkley Psychic Institute in Mountain View, California and includes training in Clairvoyance, Meditation and Teaching in four years of private study with her teacher Charlette Rose in Seattle, Washington . Her intention is that of healing and self discovery.


To keep your resolutions strong throughout 2011, Sensorielle has many options to support you throughout the year.

Sensorielle Series Options: Love your monthly acupuncture treatment with Stefanie? Is one of your resolutions to rejunivate after all those holiday treats? Be a savvy spa-goer and save with our series options!

Body Wraps (Slimming and Rejuvinating) $468.00 for 3 treatments.

Acupuncture (Regular Treatments) $468.00 for (6) 30 minute sessions or $1036.00 for (12) 60 minute sessions.

Acupuncture Facials $444.00 for (6) 30 minute sessions or $702.00 for (10) 30 minute sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage $540.00 for (6) 60 minute sessions.


An acupuncture series allows Stefanie to address chronic issues and create a preventative treatment.

A series of massage is perfect for athletes who want to incoporate wellness into their training regime.









Sensorielle Monthly Memberships: On a membership, you can come in for regular treatments without having to worry about checking out. Especially in stressful times, we need as much wellbeing care as we can get, but time becomes an issue.  Sensorielle memberships make it convenient for you to tailor a treatment plan to your lifestyle. Regular treatments enhance your lifestyle, boost your immune system to keep you well, and increase performance at your job, the gym, and sports with 4 different options.

  • 1 per month (or 2 30-minute treatments) – $99 (up to $138 value)
  • 2 per month – $180 (up to $258 value)
  • One per week – $330 (up to $516 value)
  • One 1-hr specialty $129.00 includes; abhayanga, crystal/balancing facial, body wrap) (up to $165 value)
  • Unlimited treatments of any type – $999/mo (infinite value)

Benefits of becoming a Sensorielle Member include;

  • 10% off retail
  • 10% off services outside your membership
  • 4 complimentary siestas per month ($48 value)
  • Complimentary Enzyme with Facial ($21 value)

Your credit card will be automatically charged each month on the day you signed up (ie. you signed up on the 3rd, you will be charged again on the 3rd next month). There is no obligation. You can cancel your membership any time!

Include a Sensorielle Holistic Massage as a monthly part of your wellness routine!

Monthly massages can help to prevent illness and add to general well-being through relieving stress and stimulating the immune and lymphatic systems. For athletes, massage can help to shorten recovery time from injuries as well as reduce the build-up of carbonic and lactic acids in muscles, helping to shorten the recovery time between workouts.


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