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News about our Kyle

Dear friends,

It is with sadness that we announce Kyle is on an extended hiatus while dealing with a serious medical condition called Tinnitus. This condition ranges from mild to very severe and unfortunately Kyle is dealing with a severe case. Here is an article Kyle shared with us to explain how this condition feels http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7175306.stm

Kyle has coped with tinnitus for most of his adult life. That along with TMJ issues are what got him involved in the profession of healing work, but the tinnitus has progressed into a more severe condition. He is no longer able to predict when he will have adequate rest to give his best healing work. Kyle is on a hiatus to try and get it back to a manageable level, or find a way to cope with the increase in volume.

Below you will find a link to “Tinnitus Awareness Week” that we feel is important. Because of earbuds (too much loud headphone use basically), compressed audio/mp3 technology (which distorts sound), increasingly loud environments in the world, and an increase in pharmaceutical use and antibiotics across the board that cause ototoxicity (ear/hearing damage), they are predicting a large increase in tinnitus cases in the future. There is no cure at this time. There are at least 10-20 more years before a stem cell regeneration treatment is available to restore hearing function and/or get rid of tinnitus. People with it have to endure until then.

Some people suffer mildly, and some very severely. Kyle’s case has grown severe within the past few months. It is a very debilitating condition that progresses with age. It cannot be easily cognitively escaped from, harder to ignore than pain. When a person has gotten ringing in their ear for hours or days, it means unrecoverable hearing damage and could become permanent, and could mean deafness, tinnitus or a combination of the two. Most people do get tinnitus from sound exposure alone, so hearing protection/earplugs is essential for the long-term.


Kyle has been an amazing person to work with, facilitating profound healing in many  clients.  We began this journey with Sensorielle together 6 years ago.  We have shared so much in healing and growing through this journey together.  He has been like a brother to me and my heart goes out to him.  We will be holding Kyle in our thoughts and prayers, and hope that you do the same.  We sincerely hope Kyle has a fast recovery and are ready to welcome him back to the Sensorielle family when he sees better health.

Jewl Petteway, Owner
Sensorielle Organic Wellbeing Spa

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