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Acupuncture Specials for June 2011

Acupuncture Facial Special, and NEW Affordable Acupuncture Packages!

For the month of June, Stefanie and Hopi welcomew you to try facial acupuncture:

20% off your initial Acupuncture Facial Renewal. $129 (90 min, Reg $162)

30% off a series of 12 Acupuncture Facial Renewal (70 min) treatments – $1350 for the month of June ($594 in savings!).

We have introduced a brand new package for acupuncture. This affordable package is easy to fit into your busy schedule. We recommend two of our 45 minute treatments per week with this series (reg $75 per treatment).

Series of 6 – $360 ($90 in savings!)

Series of 12 – $648 ($252 in savings!)

Why Try Facial Acupuncture?

 Did you know that facial rejuvenation acupuncture stimulates natural collagen production?

 It also tones and tightens the muscle of the face, lasting six months to several years.

 Most commonly benefited areas are: wrinkles, crows feet, smile lines and double chin.

 Preventative treatment is effective for women in their 30s and 40s.

 Effects are cumulative: 12 treatments within 6 weeks is recommended.

Hold the Chemicals ~ bring on the Needles.

Hopi Wilder

Visit sensoriellespa.com for more information on acupuncture and our experts Stefanieand

Stefanie Pitthan-Garcia, Sensorielle Acupuncturist



Sensorielle gift certificates are perfect for any occaision!

Sensorielle has been in business since 2005, with an emphasis on natural, organic, and sustainable products, as well as holistic body and skin care. More information and a complete list of treatments is available at www.sensoriellespa.com

Acu-Massage at Sensorielle is “The Best Of Both Worlds”

As any spa regular knows, it can be tough to sacrifice your beloved monthly massage to try a new treatment!

But an Acu-Massage really is the best of both worlds!

Combining the wellness benefits of Acupuncture with the healing touch of massage it allows you to keep the massage and add the benefit of acupuncture to your wellness regime.

The session consists of both an acupuncture session and a massage in a combination that is best suited to the clients needs.

Acupuncture is beneficial for its ability to; calm the nervous system and balance organ imbalances by opening and re-directing energy pathways within the body.

Click here for an overview of Acupuncture!

A common complimentary treatment to Western Medicine, acupuncture works with the nervous system and energy meridians in the body to restore health by removing energy imbalance using small needles to clear areas of blocked chi (a vital energy that flows through the body).  Acupuncture is used in conjunction with Chinese Herbal Medicine to provide all around wellness. Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries to restore the balance of energy to a patient and correct imbalances in the body to maintain health and prevent future illness.

The massage, is not only therapeutic but also relaxing and focused on an area of need, complimenting the acupuncture treatment.

Read what the Mayo Clinic research shows about how massage and pain relief.

The benefits of massage are well known; pain relief, rehabilitation of sports injuries, stress reduction and increased relation and general wellness. Specifically, massage can also address anxiety, insomnia and depression symptoms and boost immunity through stimulating the lymphatic system, which is especially important during the holiday season.

Look familiar? More tips HERE on ways to stay joyful!


Special introductory rates: $99 for one hour, $141 for 90 minutes.

**Recommended with a Prema Add-On!**

Sensorielle’s signature “Prema Add-On”  is a luxurious foot-treatment that prepares your body to fully recieve the benefits of your spa treatment and allows your mind to become grounded to experience full relaxation. Ask our spa coordinator about adding it to your next appointment 303.247.9932


Stefanie Pitthan-Garcia, Sensorielle Acupuncturist

At  Sensorielle we are honored to have Stefanie Pitthan-Garcia as our acupuncturist and highly recommend booking an appointment for an Acu-Massage with her today!

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